I think I have gone through all possible combinations of emotions in the last 3 years at Cargill’s. It’s with great heartache that the lasting one could be sadness, as I announce the closure of the business with immediate effect.

We opened our own version of Cargill’s 7months before COVID struck. Grand plans and great ideas were almost instantly blinded by the struggle to survive, which has loomed over us since.

When venturing out in 2019, I had no idea that we were not only creating a business and following my dream, but that we were also creating a family. Built from our amazing team and our loyal customers.

I have really really REALLY tried to keep our family together, making personal sacrifices that most will never know, to maintain and build on our achievements and where we’ve come so far.

BUT, although it’s not dominating the headlines anymore, the legacy of the COVID pandemic is very real. Trading out of these significant liabilities was likely, but made impossible with the new challenges from the impact of the current situation in Eastern Europe and the unfortunate attitude of the good old HMRC.

I’d like to give the warmest of thanks to staff, customers, family and friends that have helped make this venture possible in the first place, and have made every effort and supported since.

Our email account (contact@cargillsbistro.com) and Facebook page will still be active for a while if anyone has any questions, wants to get in touch, or wants my personal email etc.

There’s a chance I might start something new in the future. Watch this space.

Respectfully yours,

Thomas Young


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On Lower Mill Street In the heart of Blairgowrie, the award winning Cargill’s Bistro is the perfect place to eat and drink. We provide a set of seasonal menus that deliver our dedication to using the freshest of ingredients. Focussing on fresh and tasty dishes our head chef wants you to enjoy the full depth and flavour at reasonable prices. A great range of delicious wines, beers and gins are on offer all within a cosy, modern bistro design.


We are open early for coffee and light lunches until 4:30pm then we switch over to our evening menu from 4:30pm until late.


Our menu is full of fresh, locally sourced produce and includes many delightful dishes. A great range of delicious wines, beers & gins on offer.

Please be advised that these are sample menus and some options may differ if you choose to dine with us.